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Welcome to Everlash Studio

Everlash Studio is at the forefront of the lash extension industry offering lash extensions in Victoria, BC. Our commitment to ongoing education, using top quality products along with the highest standard of application is what sets our lash stylists apart. We strive to provide only the best to our clients every single visit.

Eyelash extensions let you wake up beautiful without the use of clumpy mascara or fake looking false lashes. They can lengthen and lift the shape of your eye, bring out your eye color with the use of colored lashes and give you the eyelashes you always dreamed of. The best way to frame your new lashes is having perfectly sculpted brows. Brow trends come and go, we have all fallen victim to them at some point and may still be paying the price. Our stylists take the time to find the shape and style that suits your individual brows best.

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